About Us

TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS was established in Singapore to spearhead global business development and investments on behalf of its parent company, Mitsuuroko Group Holdings, one of the largest and oldest energy distributers in Japan listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Focusing on the Asia Pacific region, we seek to develop collaborative ties with local businesses as well as to deliver sustainable value to the local communities we operate in. Aside from seeking partnerships in energy commodities, a domain in which Mitsuuroko Group has strong track record in, we are also involved in energy and social infrastructure developments, as well as new technologies and businesses that drive and define the structural evolution of our economies.

Our Work Style

Over 130 years of its history, Mitsuuroko Group has experimented with various businesses, starting from seafood logistics in its infant years, to coal trading, LPG, real estate, renewable energies and most recently food services. This approach to actively seek out change and new challenges is inherited into the core of TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS. At the same time, we are committed to evolving its business approaches and work styles to cater to an increasingly dynamic business environment, and we aim to build an independent identity that is relevant to international business.