Mitsuuroko Group Holdings Establishes

Bolstering its overseas portfolio

Mitsuuroko Group Holdings, a leading Tokyo-based energy conglomerate, announced that it has established a new company, TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS Pte. Ltd. (TFI), in Singapore. Established on October 1st 2020, TFI was set up to invest and support business globally. It also acts as the holding company for its investments and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsuuroko.

Asia continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in the world and by establishing TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS, Mitsuuroko seeks to expand its energy-related developments as well as generate new businesses that contributes to the advancement of the region. TFI has already been active in energy and social infrastructure developments in Asia and is also seeking business opportunities in new technologies and emerging businesses in the global economy.

TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS strives to develop collaborative ties with local businesses as well as deliver sustainable value to the local communities it operates in. TFI is devoted to evolving its business approaches and work style to cater to an increasingly dynamic business environment and strives to build an independent identity tailored toward international business.