Mitsuuroko Group Holdings Announces Partnership with Siamgas

Advancing their LPG and energy business in Asia

Mitsuuroko Group Holdings has announced the execution of a strategic alliance with Siamgas & Petrochemicals Public Company Limited. Located in Bangkok, Siamgas is one of the leading liquefied petroleum gas companies in Asia. This partnership will combine Siamgas’ extensive operations and experience in the region and Mitsuuroko’s expertise in LPG retailing, logistics and safety standards. “This strategic alliance allows Siamgas and Mitsuuroko to jointly develop downstream business opportunities in the LPG value chain leveraging each of the companies’ strengths to offer a wider range of products and services offerings to industrial, commercial and households clientele in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Further, the strategic alliance offers News Release greater flexibility and capability for Siamgas to pursue upstream energy business opportunities,” said Supachai Weeraborwornpong, Group Managing Director of Siamgas.

The partnership aims to jointly develop and execute energy-related businesses and infrastructure projects in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia where Siamgas has established a strong reputation. “Through our partnership with Siamgas, we hope to capitalize on the growing gas and energy demand in Asia and maximize Mitsuuroko’s corporate value as we embark on a new journey with our friends from Siamgas,” said Kohei Tajima, President and CEO of Mitsuuroko. As part of this strategic alliance, Mitsuuroko has acquired a minority stake in Siamgas.

Leveraging on Siamgas’ operations in Thailand and Vietnam, Mitsuuroko, via its Singapore subsidiary TRIFORCE INVESTMENTS, will work towards expanding the customer base to include more local customers as well as Japanese corporates. Mitsuuroko and Siamgas will support each other’s growth and jointly pursue high growth opportunities in countries such as Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia. This partnership will create immense opportunity for Mitsuuroko to provide high quality products and services to the consumers in the region and contribute to the development of Asia.