General Storage Company aims for a greener future with ESG initiatives

Triforce Investments' subsidiary, General Storage Company, sets an industry standard for sustainable innovation and CSR initiatives

General Storage Company (GSC), a Singaporean based self-storage operator acquired by Triforce Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsuuroko Group, has launched several initiatives to improve their sustainable standing and has been honored with several awards for their achievements in the industry and efforts towards sustainability. GSC’s aim for a greener future coincides with Mitsuuroko Group’s mission, as a long-standing energy provider, to promote the spread of natural energy sources and investing in next-generation energy systems. Mitsuuroko Group will remain committed to helping each and every one of our customers lead enriched lifestyles as we firmly set our sights on resources and the environment for the sake of our children and our planet.

GSC's brand, Lock+Store, has taken this commitment to sustainability to heart by signing an 18 year purchase agreement with Union Solar to install solar panels on the rooftop of its Chai Chee storage facility. The 487.3 kWp installation will offset the facility's brown energy usage by about 30%. The installation of solar panel was completed this month, January 2023. The partnership with Union Solar corresponds with Mitsuuroko Group's goal to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society

In addition to this partnership, Lock+Store has made history as the first self-storage operator in both Singapore and Asia to install two smart recycling machines (one for paper and one for textiles) in its Chai Chee facility. These machines allow customers and staff to recycle wastepaper products and used clothing on-site in exchange for monetary credits, as part of SG Recycle's green initiatives. This aligns with Mitsuuroko Group's commitment to maintaining a high environmental awareness and investing in cutting-edge technology to bring harmony to our social lives and the cyclical structures of our planet.

Lock+Store has also taken steps towards improving food sustainability by partnering with SG Gardens to start an edible garden on unused open-air land at the Chai Chee location. The plants grown in this garden are harvested and either donated to local organizations serving low-income communities or sold to local restaurants. As a corporate citizen in the local communities, these steps towards improving food sustainability, concurs with Mitsuuroko Group's commitment to observing and connecting with developments in a wide range of fields, including environmentally conscious food products.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outreach, GSC has sponsored storage units for both Ray of Hope and Nature Society. Ray of Hope is an online crowdfunding charity that distributes basic necessities to low-income families in Singapore, while Nature Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, conservation, study, and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia, and the surrounding region.

Along with these initiatives, we would like to recognize the other outstanding achievements taking place at GSC and respectfully share that Helen Ng, GSC CEO, received the "Executive of the Year" award from Singapore Business Review (SBR) in the Building Services & Facilities category. This award recognizes Ng's leadership in establishing self-storage standards in Singapore, her success in generating investments and growth opportunities for facility operators, and her remarkable achievement in a traditionally male-dominated industry. In addition to this honor, GSC was also awarded with the "Management Excellence" award by SBR for its unique and valuable business philosophy that has kept the company at the top of the self-storage industry in Singapore.

GSC's efforts towards sustainability and its recognition with multiple awards demonstrate GSC's dedication to an environmentally friendly future and its harmony with Mitsuuroko Group's commitment to being a corporate group that takes up challenges in order to make a positive environmental and sustainable impact in society.

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