Self-Storage Asia Expo 2023: A Resounding Success and a Glimpse into the Future

The Self-Storage Asia Expo 2023 was an exceptional event. During the event, we were honored to hear from Helen Ng, Chair of the Self Storage Association of Asia, who delivered an inspiring opening speech on September 27. She emphasized the importance of this year's Expo in the post-Covid era and the role of technology in the industry. She encouraged us to explore cutting-edge technology to seize "Maximum Opportunity," the central theme of this year's Expo.

Helen Ng also highlighted the critical role of the Self Storage Association Asia as a mediator between operators and governments. She emphasized the importance of conveying the significance of self-storage to policymakers and shared that the SSAA is working on initiatives to strengthen its presence in key growth markets across Asia, particularly Thailand.

The Expo provided a platform for valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to strengthen ties with industry partners globally. It also showcased top self-storage facilities in Bangkok, featured an inspiring lineup of speakers, including Michael Fogelberg, and celebrated outstanding achievements in the Asian self-storage industry at the SSAA Awards 2023.

The Self-Storage Asia Expo 2023 was an event to remember, marked by inspiring speeches, informative visits to state-of-the-art facilities, and recognition of industry excellence. The dedication and generosity of all the participants, sponsors, and supporters are to thank for the success and multi-day experience of this tremendous event. Triforce Investments looks forward to attending the next Expo in Hong Kong in 2024, as we will continue to support greater opportunities for learning, networking, innovation that will shape the future of the self-storage industry.

Highlights from #SSAAEXPO2023

A special thanks to the sponsors and supporters: Janus International Asia, Nokē™, RADical Systems, Universal Storage Containers, PTI Security Systems, NTL System Solutions, R6 Digital, Sitelink, Storeganise, Unwired Logic, KINNOVIS, FCX, Digital First, Finverse, and Storefriendly